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There are many steps in the course of a residential or commercial real estate transaction. These transactions involve more than just mounds of paperwork.  They require expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the law.  Mr. Boss has been guiding his clients through various real estate transactions  from document preparation and review to complex acquisitions since 1976.  Mr. Boss maintains a current brokerage license to further assist his clients in their real estate negotiations.  


  Real Estate
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The following is a summary of some of the services the firm can provide:

  • Legal Advice and documentation in the preparation of real estate acquisition, development and financing transactions

  • Legal counsel to principals, investors and brokers in transactions and in litigation

  • Assistance with tax planning for real estate sales and development transactions including tax deferred exchanges, installment sales and real estate syndications

  • Representation in commercial leasing and property management transactions

  • Assistance with environmental issues which may arise in the purchase, sale, financing, leasing and ownership of real property

  • Dispute resolution through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation

Our expertise in real estate law, coupled with cutting-edge technology allows us to provide quality cost-effective service to our clients.  If you have a question or need further assistance regarding a residential or commercial real estate transaction, please contact our offices at

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